The Fourth Zone

by haloeffectofficial



Pics+graphic by Tas20.

“The Fourth Zone” new album press release After two years since our first debut album “New Romantic Industry”, we are very happy to announce that we are coming back with a new studio album. The second album called “The Fourth Zone” out on 1st November
2009 in digital download by Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Rapshody, eMusic, and others. The material cd will be available in limited edition only at our live shows that start in October 2009. The new album is very powerful, strong and dark, it’s synthpop/ebm/industrial oriented and contains more up-tempo songs: the sounds and the lyrics create a perfect mix, a deep and strange atmosphere influenced by the tragic days regarding of the nuclear explosion reactor in Chernobyl in 1986, until these difficult days that we are living now. But The fourth
zone is not only the physical zone where the reactor is located, analyzing the other side of the tragedy we can see a new rebirth of life, a place no longer more contaminated by human life, a pure world, a place where nature is recovering space and life, a new beginning of life. The Fourth Zone could also be consider the darkest place inside everyone where we put anguish, suffering, disappointment, fragility, and all broken dreams and hopes that we don’t want to show or share, like a hidden place of the soul, where we refuge in the saddest
moments of our life in hope to find the forces to go ahead. But it could also be considered like a probable photo about the world we forsee in the near future if we continue to destroy this dying planet. In conclusion, this album offers several different points of reflection, this is a conceptual album that speaking about the past, looks to the present and the future.
We have decided to release in free download by a German net-label IONIUM RECORDS” ( five maxi singles remixed by international bands and djs from
various countries. We are very honoured and happy to collaborate with them. After the first singles remixes “Hammer the gear”, that has been downloaded so far by over 6000 users and
entered in top 15 German Electronic Web charts, we release another four songs remixed by several great bands, taken from the album “The fourth zone” out in digital download by Itunes on 1st November 2009.


released November 1, 2009



all rights reserved


haloeffectofficial Italy

In the beginning of 2001 Halo Effect started their project of making music, formed by John Andrew Peverieri (vocals, lyrics, synths & programming), Alessandro Polinori (vocals, lyrics, synths & programming), Federico Rosi (synths & programming), and Marco Cattani (guitar, lyrics, synths & programming).
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Track Name: Hammer the gear

I wake up in the morning
Thinking about a way to live
I turn on the TV
I can’t stand what I see

Unconcern is the best game
All people like to play
I don’t know what I can do
All seems so useless

It never goes away from here
Let’s hammer the gear
You don’t have to fear

When I return in the evening
After a working day
I turn on the TV again
I see things get worse and worse

Who has the power to improve the world
Take care of business
Greediness fills up the belly
Caring about nothing else
Track Name: Life goes on

Empty spaces inside of me
If you have x-rays to see
A black hole eating every light
Without any answers I wonder why

Dreadful hours passing by
Guiding us to the darkest night
We don’t know how all this began
Erasing everything you are

Staring eyes and bodies freezing
Pictures bleeding in my memories
The only thing that you can see
Supported by a dark intensity
The only thing that shines for me

Now we try to solve the puzzle
Breaking never ending circles
We are nailed to the ground
Dragging down where nothing’s found

After all the damage done
Everyday we try to go on
Wounds are open
We start to bleed
Leaving this world
Rest In Peace
Track Name: Deeper than you

As a snake slowly crawling in its pit
I don’t know when I want to get out

I just want to disconnect myself
Because I’m feeling sick of this world
Feeling sick of what is all around

Deeper and deeper
I crawl
Deeper than you
I am

I can perceive your thoughts
Inside your head
And I want them to go away
I can see your useless actions
Managed by your rotten brains
I can hear your annoying voices…

I can sense your empty glances
All this is repelling me
I can smell the stench of your bodies…

I am always waiting for the rain…
To wash them away
Track Name: Days of violence
Days of violence

your faith
your God
your optimistic guide
your skin
your rage
in days of violence
your face
your doubt
your intimistic sex
your class
your boots
in days of violence

Just open your eyes
And kill your surprise
Right to the end
Break out the violence
and please expiate
reach out the date
right to the end
refuse the violence

so don’t

Shot them
Fight them
in days of violence

your face
your God
your optimistic guide
your skin
your rage
in days of violence
Just open your eyes
And kill your surprise
Right to the end
Break out the violence
so don’t

Shot them
Fight them
in days of violence
Track Name: Drain

Feeling drained again
It was never so hard to go on this way
The time has come
To see something which has torn us apart

All is in decay
It was never a good game for us
We are to blame
For everything we’ve always done

No one can ease your pain
Into the hole I fall again
Where nothing else is found
Into the hole I lay myself down
No one will be on your trail

Your soul is yearning
Trapped in a cell that’s your body
A slow demise still awaits
And everytime is so hard to stay
Track Name: Hidden Place
Hidden Place

Another mission to complete
All the data I received
I look around and I wonder
What is now above all that

I have to go somewhere
Where I can find a relief
Where I can save everything
Nobody knows where
I keep my hidden place

Everything inside my mind
It’s enough to melt a brain
All it seems now so far
So it remains in the dark
Track Name: Funeral

I see myself as never before
And I don’t bear all this cold
My reflection isn’t bright
And I start to realise

I’m walking through this bleak way
I can see I leave no trace
Now that you’ve passed away
As the wind blows hard on me

To be here
I want it
This is the place I put myself
To die here
I want it
And put myself down with you

Crawling on a dirty floor
When I block out the whole world
A broken life and scattered things
All I can say about me

Cutting with my old past
I am trying to reach out the door
I’ve always known someone’s worried
But all I want is to reach myself
Track Name: It was nothing

When I close my eyes
It’s you what I find
Your shining smile
The flame is burning

It’s so cold outside
Let the darkest thoughts go by
They always hurt so much
All you want is to live

You’re flowing into me
As a river flows into sea
The stars are in the sky
And you’re so happy

My lips are close to yours
My heart is beating like a drum
All the pain we have torn
And I am so strong

I can feel all your warmth
As we are leaving the world
Everything we’ve ever owned
It isn’t worth it

I’ve opened up my eyes
The desert I have inside
There is nobody here
I was only dreaming

You’ve flowed into me
As a river flowed to sea
The darkest night I see
And it was nothing
Track Name: Their G.O.D.
Their G.O.D.

Pain falls down from the sky
Tears like rain in my eyes
I think I have to say goodbye
You’ve always said so many lies
There’s no God up in the sky
To hear your prayers and your cries

Nothing else is still alive
You can see it with your eyes
Human nature is in decline
What you’re living in real time
This is all what they want you to fear
Try to do something to stop their gear
They always say that their God is the Good
But we know they want us subdued

A lot of words to fill your ears
A lot of words to erase your head

They never go away from here
Hurt and destruction stay for real
It never goes away from here
We’re overwhelmed by a river of fear

Watch now the best world show
Tuned in the channels for all
Watch now what they want you to fear
Spreading their truth they want you to hear

Their Truth they want you to hear
Track Name: Mirror

We are like leaves
Hanged down
The oldest tree

We are like leaves
Taken away
By the strongest wind

Taken away everyday.....
Nothing is for sure.....

We are like leaves
Frozen on the coldest day
Waiting to be carried away

Everything we’ve ever dreamt
About it’s never realized
Fighting everyday the tide
Protecting all you keep inside

A shining blade cuts the air
And i’m seeing there’s no one there
A sharp blade reflects the light
And i’m feeling so cold inside

Taken away everyday.....

We are like leaves
Everything we’ve tried to do
We are in the wind
We’re falling down